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ZAOGA Forward in Faith International

After the great impartation by His Holiness Archbishop E. Guti, ZAOGA Forward in Faith International Missionaries were also imparted with protocol,  etiquette and grooming blessings by a Diplomacy, Protocol and Grooming consultant,  Mr. V. A. Chikanda.  Mr Chikanda commenced by acknowledging the sermon by Dr Guti which was augmenting his presentation. The grooming and protocol expert tackled on a myriad of issues including the importance of protocol practices in the church, duties of church protocol teams and officers, cultural diversity for international missionaries, forms of address, seating etiquette , car protocol, church leadership skills and pastoral guidelines for decorum. The interface also included dinning etiquette, posture, spiritual and physical hygiene, handling difficult situations and the spirit of dedication and sacrifice. The mantra of the grooming lecture was cleanliness is nearer to Godliness. Bishops, senior pastors and missionaries appreciated the presentation. The workshop was a pre-posting training for ZAOGA FIF international missionaries. His cleanliness and hygiene presentation was applauded by bishops, senior pastors and missionaries. Today ZAOGA FIF operates in 144 countries in the world.