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United Family International Church Hospitality and Decorations Team Receives Church Protocol, Etiquette and Professional Grooming Training.

The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy (ZID) conducted a one – day Church protocol, etiquette and Professional Grooming training for the United Family International Church Hospitality and Decorations team at the Crowne Plaza Monomotapa Conference Centre Harare. The workshop was tailor made and designed for church Hospitality  and Decorations team members  responsible for ushering, receiving, welcoming and sending off general visitors and church attendees, receiving and sending off church VVIPs, Handle congregants complaints, assist congregants and provide church information, checks and document church information, church event planning, and also solve church related problems. The Workshop covered contextual understanding of church protocol, Protocol and the bible, Protocol of handling VVIPs and Visiting church Missionaries, Forms of Address in UFIC, Event Management Protocol for Church, Pastoral Ethics and Etiquettes. Essence for Church Protocol Etiquette and Professional Grooming Training was meant to gear the UFIC Hospitality and Decorations Agents with an accelerated and expanded scope of Professional Church Protocol to ensure the satisfaction, order and happiness of the church members and general congregants. Church Protocol and Etiquette Techniques were explored including Protocol for proper introductions and greetings, Protocol of ushering and corsages, protocol of seating, walking and standing arrangements for VVIPs and general congregants, Roles of a church protocol officer, Behaviour Outside Churches, Church Mannerism Proper Church Attire, Grooming and Deportment for Church Front-line Workers, as well as Professionalism and Personal, Image and Self Projection

To create lasting first impressions UFIC Hospitality and Decorations Team were exposed to intensive Professional Grooming and Deportment, and International Church Business Etiquette Coaching. The participants were also endowed with the training as it covered application of international personal Branding and guidelines for decorum in business church etiquette, Professionalism and grooming which include aspects of professional church attire, personal and professional hygiene. The Workshop is one of the ZID’s capacity development programmes for, Church Organizations in a diverse world of Protocol and Professional Etiquettes dynamism. Mr V.A. Chikanda, a Diplomacy, Protocol and Professional Branding Academic facilitated the Workshop. The participants of the workshop were awarded with Certificates in Diplomacy Protocol and Etiquette.