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Trojan Nickel Mine Women Undergo Professional Grooming and Deportment Mentorship

An Accelerated Capacity Development Professional Grooming and Deportment Training was conducted for Trojan Nickel Mine Women on 21 June 2-022 at The Trojan Nickel Mine Headquarters in Bindura. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce, Induct, familiarize and equip Trojan Women with Practical Professional Grooming and Deportment so as to suit their professional fields of expertise. This Grooming and Deportment training imparted into women Personal and Professional Hygiene, Posture perfect for women, Deportment for women, Proper Mannerism and Behaviour for women, Women Impression and Perception, Image Dynamics (make up etiquette), Corporate Professionalism, Image and Self Projection. Corporate Business and Social Protocol for Women were instilled into the Women including Importance of Protocol in Business, Structure of Protocol, Strategies and Techniques in attending Conference Meetings, Protocol of Handling VVIPs  Prestige Customers, Government Officials and Business, Protocol when Traveling with Superiors, Co-workers and Subordinates, Efficacy and Personal Effectiveness, Boardroom etiquette, Corporate etiquette, which touches the aspects of Respect, Consideration, Professionalism and Kindness. The Workshop was also not limited to Personal and Professional Branding for women, which was centralized on Branding and Self Projection, Personal Branding maintenance, Essence of Branding for women as well as Professional and Personal Self Projection for women. Mr V.A Chikanda, a Diplomacy, Protocol and Professional Grooming Academic at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy facilitated the workshop.

Accelerated Capacity Development, Professional Grooming and Grooming Programmes are part of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy strategic projects geared to assist the Corporate Sectors, Government Departments, Parastatals and Non-Governmental Organizations fulfill their mandates. At the end of the workshop, the participants were awarded certificates in Professional Grooming and Deportment.