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A Capacity Development and Mentorship Business Etiquette and Professional Grooming Workshop was conducted for RIOZIM Graduate Trainees on 23 April 2022 at the RIOZIM Headquarters in Newlands, Harare. The purpose of the Workshop was to introduce, induct, familiarize and equip the Graduate Trainees with Practical Professional Experience to settle in their chosen professional fields of expertise. This after school polishing workshop imparted to the Trainees business Etiquette techniques, business protocol rules and codes of professional decorum and behaviours and disciplines needed for them to excel in their departments at RIOZIM. Professionalism, Image and Self Projection were instilled into the Trainees including understanding organizational structures, official communication and presentation skills, oaths of secrecy and confidentiality in professional settings; how to embrace cross-cultural business etiquette; handling difficult bosses, customers and co-workers. Codes of Conduct and professional attires were practically covered in the mentorship programme.  The one-day accelerated workshop is anchored on the following modules: Business Etiquette, Business Protocol, Professional Grooming and Deportment, Exquisite Business Dining Etiquette and Personal and Professional Branding to mention a few. Mr V.A Chikanda, a Diplomacy, Protocol and Professional Grooming Academic at the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy facilitated the workshop.

Accelerated Capacity Development, Business Etiquette and Professional Grooming Programmes are part of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy strategic projects geared to assist the Corporate Sectors, Government Departments, Parastatals and Non-Governmental Organizations fulfill their mandates.