“Is the European Union A Union in Name?”

According to the 2nd Annual Conference on European Union Studies AICEUS) findings enshrined in the book: “European Union’s Slow Unravelling,” the European Union is a union in name only. The question dominated the joint Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy and the Centre for European Union Studies book launch on 9 March 2018. The Book is edited by Dr Partogi Samosir, a veteran diplomat and International Relations expert. The launch included the briefing for press fraternity on the forthcoming 3rd Annual Conference on European Union Studies set for Harare, Zimbabwe on 23 March 2018. The event was attended by the Press, Diplomats, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, Academics and Students of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy.

Launching the Book Mr V. A Chikanda, the Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy, commended the AICEUS and Dr Samosir for expanding knowledge on the European Union. He however noted reminisced the European Union was ‘not a Union in name only’. The EU is a supranational institution that has survived the test of time and manage to bring the much needed peace, harmony and stability in Europe. The worst genocide was committed in Europe with more than 6 million Jews annihilated by Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The EU is continuing to help its membership to intensify transition to democracy, good governance and economic prosperity. There is more the African continent can copy from Europe. He underscored that Africa is the closest neighbour of Europe with a great potential to immensely benefit from EU’s direct investment, development aid and humanitarian aid. Whenever Europe coughs Africa will catch a cold. Mr Chikanda then urged Africa to take lessons on good governance, human rights and democracy from Europe since Africans have a record of poor governance and mismanagement of resources.

Answering a question on Brexit, Mr Chikanda also noted that Britain could not cut its ‘umbilical cord’ with Europe. Though Brexit has happened, Europe will remain her closest ally.

Mr Chikanda however, apologized to Europe for African leaders who have failed to create environment conducive to economic development and prosperity on the African continent which in turn poses severe challenges and instability that increase numbers of Africans seeking economic refugee in Europe. This has created a burden to the European countries.
The Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy is cordially inviting all those interested to the 3rd Annual International Conference on European Studies being hosted the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy on 23 March 2018. There are opportunities for input and papers so submitted to be included in the new findings book on EU-Africa Relations studies.