School of Diplomacy

The School of Diplomacy is an integral part of the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy and is an ideal place to study International Relations and practice Diplomacy first hand in a professional, dynamic and culturally rich setting. The School of Diplomacy is a leading center for the study of diplomacy and international relations, dedicated to high standards of academic excellence and professional training; extending the frontiers of knowledge; and making a difference in the rapidly changing global environment. Participants are given unique opportunities to practice diplomacy and are encouraged to discuss critical global concerns with ambassadors, heads of International Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations and esteemed individuals; apply classroom knowledge to real world situations and build the confidence needed to make a difference in the fields of business, communications, diplomacy, government or the civil society. The School of Diplomacy also seeks to look beyond the issues of the day and explore the over-the-horizon challenges and the impact of domestic and international politics on the limits and opportunities of diplomacy.

The following are some of the courses modules by our School of Diplomacy:

Executive Certificate in Diplomacy, Protocol, Etiquette and Professional Branding
Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy and International Relations
Diplomacy and Statecraft Courses and Workshops
International law Workshops and Course
International Negotiation Skills
Stress Management Techniques
International Relations Courses
International, State, Corporate and Social Protocol Consultancy
Report Writing Workshops
Protocol training Workshops

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