Customer Service Etiquettes Workshop


At the Institute, we believe that Customer Care is critical to every company’s success. If it’s good, customers may come back. If it’s excellent, they’ll keep coming back.

Our Customer Service Etiquettes training programs offer innovative ways to gain employee commitment to organizational objectives through workplace learning and development.

Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy Consulting Services provide organizations with expertise in every area of Customer Care, from assessment to training to satisfaction surveys. The Institute can also customize a Customer Service Etiquettes Program for virtually any business.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To highlight the importance of service standards and their impact on a customer’s experience.
  • Help you team to think in a customer centric way.
  • Explain service language and its importance in communicating with customers.
  • Prepare your group to handle demanding customers and difficult situations.
  • Lay the groundwork to align behaviours to your organisation’s expectations of its customer service staff.
  • Offer suggestions for measuring service level.

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