Cross Cultural and Diversity Training


In today’s multicultural global business community, cultural differences can often interfere with the successful completion of the various international business projects. In order to avoid cultural misunderstandings that may lead to failure in business, the need for cultural awareness and sensitivity has become increasingly important. This course aims at emphasizing the importance of cross-cultural training by analyzing some of the major contributions to the field, while providing a few examples of cross-cultural blunders that have led to some comical or even catastrophic outcomes in international business.

Cross-cultural training programmes such as Communicating Effectively across Cultures helps you understand your own values as well as those of other cultures through a combination of trainer-led discussion, group activities and self-assessments. The insight gained from cross-cultural training will help you start to build intercultural competence which is essential in international business.


  • Culturally savvy employees are more effective and productive
  • Training reduces incidents of cultural shock for employee & family
  • Culturally savvy employees are more effective in leadership roles and managing multicultural teams
  • Cultural awareness is the key to building successful relationships; do not understand the importance of relationships when doing business in Asian countries
  • Training is an effective way to minimize breakdowns in communication, costly misunderstandings and business blunders
  • Culturally savvy employees are effective communicators and valuable company ambassadors
  • Cross-cultural training is an investment that will pay long-term dividends
  • Companies providing cross-cultural training have a competitive advantage over their competition

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