Children’s Etiquette and Grooming Program


Provide your child with the competitive edge they will need to navigate smoothly in this increasingly competitive world. Interactive, fun and informative, manners for children goes beyond home training to polish your children’s social skills and are a wonderful confidence-building program.

We help to give your youngsters and teenagers a head start with skills that will last a lifetime. This program is designed to give our future leaders the knowledge they need to be confident and poised in their interpersonal activities.

Our program for ages 6-12 offers innovative exercises, role-playing and a reference workbook to help build the key elements of good social manners. Children receive a Certificate of Politeness upon completion of the academy activities.

Course Objectives

  • 4“Ps”…Poise…Posture…Presence…Personality.
  • Positive ways to get attention
  • Recognizing and greeting peers and instructors
  • Meeting new people and conversation skills
  • How to handle and express frustration and disappointment
  • Expressing empathy and emotions
  • And more…

Course Information

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